Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sneezing with Joy

Hello there.

I love books.
I love new books.
I love library books.

But what really fascinates me are old books.  

I'm the kind of person who cannot CANNOT walk by a used bookstore and not go in.

And I know it's just the right kind of used book store if I can actually see dust motes in the air.  If I can smell that gentle, aged, slightly moldy smell of long-waiting books.  Of course, the more challenging it is for me to walk down a used book store aisle, the happier I am.    

I'm drawn towards used books that seem to have a story.  Something in the title, or in the way the cover feels.  Something in the illustrations, or perhaps it is simply a book into which a long-ago person has tucked a dried flower or a note, and BOOM, my curiosity is sparked and I buy it.

Each old book has a story and  a history, either intentional or unintentional, if we only look deeply enough. 

So now and then, when an old, forgotten book has caught my imagination, I will be sharing the story of that book with whoever stumbles across this blog. 

And who knows?  Perhaps it will be enough for you to peek into your favorite used book shop, to uncover and spark your own curiosity.

Happy digging! 

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